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Operating Principles

  1. All business is conducted with honesty and integrity.
  2. The Edoc staff is our most valuable asset. All staff is treated with respect, even between one another, with great care exercised to protect individual self-esteem.
  3. The Edoc staff is afforded an atmosphere that is relaxed, fun, yet exciting. They have the opportunity to learn and grow within the organization, and they are expected to remain loyal to the organization and be a contributor to the Edoc Team.
  4. The organization is to start and stay on a course of growth.
  5. We “partner” with clients rather than engage as a vendor. We will deliver what we promise and not promise what we cannot deliver. We expect the same level of service from our suppliers.
  6. We are a “continuous improvement” organization. We capture learning’s from successes and from failures. Successes are celebrated and failures stand without blame. Systems are implemented or improved to build on successes and avoid repeat failures.
  7. All Edoc staff is considered trustworthy and will be involved in company planning and goal setting.
  8. The company is continually seeking technology that improves communication among clients and staff in a virtual environment. Our goal is to become a “model” company in the virtual business community.
  9. We are unselfish with regard to client servicing. Client needs and objectives take precedence over our own. Our focus is on the success of our clients.
  10. The assets of the organization are to be kept at minimum risk.

Operating Guidelines

  1. Clients are provided immediate service from Edoc Service.
  2. Edoc will institute clear communication with clients to ensure proper understanding of engagement details and expectations. This communication will be in writing.
  3. Clients receive frequent status updates.
  4. New clients will be brought on board with the following criteria:
    • There is a high degree of confidence we will succeed on their behalf
    • We have adequate staff to accommodate them
    • They are willing to partner with us vs. a vendor relationship
    • They are looking for a long-term relationship
    • They are operating an ethical business
  5. Frequent back-ups are made on all “work-in-progress” projects. Archives are backed-up and protected; anti virus protection is in place throughout the organization. Critical & sensitive company files are to be stored on the company server (QNap),  non-critical files in company drop box and no company files are to be kept on individual computer hard drives.
  6. Social Media (business & personal) is to be handled responsibly avoiding embarrassment or harm to the company, themselves or other individuals.

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